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Upgrade from 6.1.A to 4.1

Hello all,
I’m preparing BO server upgrade from 6.1.A to 4.1 and I’m looking for some best practices how to do that…

I have 300 reports, some is on-demand, some is scheduled, FreeHand SQL and some are using VBA scripts. Currently I don’t know to do with VBA scripts. Will it be migrated also or not?


  1. Upgrade to version BO XI R2 SP2
  2. Migrate all content from 6.1.A to XI
  3. Install a new server BO 4.1
  4. Migrate all content from XI

What is the best way to migrate from 6.1.A to XI is to install a new separeted server and then migrate the content? Or is it better to upgrade existing BO to higher version on the same machine?

So if you have some experience with this please can you share your tips with me?

Thank you a lot… :slight_smile:

jeldos (BOB member since 2014-06-03)


Worse than terrible, I’m surprised it didn’t put your company off Business Objects forever.

Some good stuff here:-

I believe that if the server is robust enough, installing 6.5 alonside XIr2 for migration purposes should not be a problem.

I strongly suggest re-creating your security model once you have migrated to 4.1.

Mak 1 :uk: (BOB member since 2005-01-06)