Unusual Issue

Congratulations, if you found this post then you’ve deciphered the first clue towards unlocking BOB’s Second Birthday prize. Now you have two more puzzles. Solve them both and combine the answers in the described way and you’ve obtained the answer for part 1.

First Puzzle
BOB has entered in a bike race on a closed track. After pedaling for several hours he realizes that 1/5 of the racers are still in front of him, and 5/6 of the races are in back of him.

How many cyclists are there in the race? Your answer is A1

Second Puzzle
After the race BOB gets in his car to drive home. After a while he passes a road marker with a two digit number for miles (or kilometers). An hour later he passes a marker where the digits are the same as the first marker but reversed. Exactly one hour later he passes a marker with the same two digits again but this time separated by a zero.

How fast was BOB driving? Your answer is A2

Take your two answers and add them together
Take your same two original answers and subtract the smaller from the larger
From those new results subtract the smaller from the larger
Note that number as A3

Take the digits from your first two answers (A1 and A2) and arrange them (as individual digits) in ascending order
Eliminate the end (smallest and largest) digits and add the remaining digits together
Add that sum to the result you got in A3

That number is your first part to the total solution for BOB’s Second Birthday contest.

What does it mean?
How do you use it?
Stay tuned for details!


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