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Universe Object used in Reports

I want to delete a redundant object from my universe but before doing that i want to make sure no existing report uses it.

Is it possible to find out which reports use a particular object either by Query builder or any other way?


kavjov (BOB member since 2007-11-26)

I believe there is a tool in BOB Downloads that will give you the list of objects used in reports.

jwhite9 :us: (BOB member since 2006-07-28)

Why not just hide it instead?

Mak 1 :uk: (BOB member since 2005-01-06)

They are already hidden at some point and we doing it as part of cleaning up activity. We are trying to eliminate things which are redundant.

Which are the tools available to achieve this?

kavjov (BOB member since 2007-11-26)

I looked for this a while back and again asked to do this. But although there are great tools for documenting universes there is no tool that will document which objects are used in which report.

ColumbiaIT (BOB member since 2011-06-15)

Of course there are.

They’re just not all free! ;>

Atul Chowdhury (BOB member since 2003-07-07)