Universe Migration - Outer Joins issue


We are migrating our universe from HP NSK to Oracle. BO version is 4.2 SP7.
I want the outer joins in UDT to act in the opposite way and generate the report sql, like if right side table is checked it should act like a left
outer join and vice versa.
I tried adding the EXT_JOIN_INVERT parameter to yes in the oracle.prm file , but it is not inverting the joins.
Any suggestion on how we can achieve it.

Welcome to B :mrgreen: B.

Where did you see to add EXT_JOIN_INVERT as a parameter in a *.prm file?

I don’t see that as an option. The only options for external joins are EXT_JOIN, FULL_EXT_JOIN, LEFT_EXT_JOIN, and RIGHT_EXT_JOIN. The only values that apparently work for them is yes or no, basically does your driver support them or not.

I don’t understand why you would want this functionality anyway, it sounds like it would just confuse developers.

Hi John,
Thanks for your reply.
I found the link below to invert the joins.
The reason for this functionality is there are too many outer joins in NSK that should be inverted in oracle to get the right data.
Instead of manually editing each join, is there a way we can do this with the help of any parameters.

WebI should automatically generate the correct join based on the side checked, the cardinality you set, and the objects included in the query. It sometimes generates the SQL with a left join and sometimes right — either can be correct, it depends on the order of the tables in the SQL.

The article you linked about the EXT_JOIN_INVERT seems to indicate it’s only changing the icon in the UDT GUI. It doesn’t say it impacts the SQL generation.

Trying to “workaround” an issue instead of fixing it is a really bad idea that may save you a bit of work now, but will cost you big time down the road. Good/proper universe design is too important to fudge. If it’s wrong, take the time to fix it and make it right.

Thank you for the reply.