unexpected error decoding jsf component when clicking on PJ

Hello Everyone,

I am unable to resolve this issue from 2 days,

Version i am using is BO SP4 Patch 4, db: sql server 2008, OS: windows 2008 r2
I am moving my dashboard from Dev to UAT, i logged in as administrator in CMC and opened Promotion Management and created a job where i have selected source as my Dev server and Destination as Biar file.
after the process of creating Biar file when i select promotion jobs i am getting an error “unexpected error decoding jsf component” .

Methods i have followed:

i have taken backup and redeployed the tomcat (BOE folder) but i have no luck.

any help on this highly appreciated.

I have attached the error message


ushakiran433 (BOB member since 2012-04-18)