Unable to fetch data for the DATE field from 0FI_GL_14

In the ECC, we have data in date format MM/DD/YYYY in RSA3, when we are trying to pull data in BODS with the same selection, getting error “<The constant string <‘31/10/2018’> cannot be converted to a valid . The format is yyyy.mm.dd for dates, hh24:mi:ss for time, and yyyy.mm.dd hh24:mi:ss for datetime.>. (BODI-1111078)”

When trying to give date is in YYYY.MM.DD this format, there is no error while validating but not getting single value in output.

In the SAP ECC ODQMON TCODE, I can see the entry as “BUDAT = 2018.10.”
as if it is expecting in this format.

Please help to resolve it, I really appreciate quick help!

sanjanakuril (BOB member since 2018-07-26)