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Tracking of Reports Sent to Users Inbox

Has anyone tried to create a report that lists all of the reports that have been sent to a User’s Inbox?

Is this information available in the Audit database or does it need to be extracted from the CMS repository?

Unfortunately I don’t have a lot of time right now to dig into this. So posting this hoping someone else has looked into it. :grinning:

Will a simple QueryBuilder query work for you?

select *
where SI_PARENT_FOLDER = [SI_ID of user’s inbox]

Unfortunately, this does not give you the source report which is probably what you really need.

I was hoping to be able to create a report in Business Objects either against the Audit database or using the CMS universe.
I have found the following data elements using Query Builder that would be applicable by looking at a document in a User’s Inbox:

  • SI_DOC_SENDER; appears to show the sender’s ID
  • SI_CREATION_TIME: could be used for the send time, although there appears to be some scheduling information available
  • SI_NAME: the name of the report
  • SI_OWNER: appears to be the recipient’s ID

The way our user’s are imported into Business Objects, the SI_OWNER property would also be the name of the User’s Inbox so we would now that top level folder location. Sub-folders wouldn’t really matter for our scenario.