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To see the content of list, click the refresh values button


In 4.3 I’m creating a Universe with prompts with associated LOV.
The LOV is only a small list and the values hardcoded, however when I run a report for each parameter its prompting me to refresh to see the values. Is there a way for these to automatically load the LOV?
Note: I have a default value set for all parameters

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Not sure if it’s still possible but you used to be able to tick a box in the universe designer to Export List of Values with universe, as well as suppressing refresh options for it.

did you mark the checkbox “Automatic refresh before use” ?

Yeah, that’s a good shout - should be unchecked if you’ve hand-crafted one for export with the universe.

I can’t see any similar option in 4.3 about “export list of values with universe” or “automatic refresh before use”

ok, this behaviour seems to have changed in IDT :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

try to make your prompt mandatory
try to reopen the report after refreshing the list, testing if there is any LOV-cache available/used