Time Frame Report - Help Needed

We are currently running one of our reports with “BegActDate = <[m]Sunday Last Week;yyyy-MM-dd>” & “EndActDate = <[m]Saturday Last Week;yyyy-MM-dd>” The report runs great but when we have a job that runs until 4 am on Sunday morning, our production data gets cut off at 12 am-midnight on Saturday. Is there a way to run the report from 4:01 am Sunday to 4:00 am the following Sunday?

ROCKO5960 (BOB member since 2019-09-30)

I am new to this site so any advice would be greatly appreciated and if I am doing something wrong please let me know. Thanks!

ROCKO5960 (BOB member since 2019-09-30)

If your date field is a datetime data type you should be able to run it for that date time period.

richardcottave (BOB member since 2006-03-30)