There is no response from Webservice - Content-Type header m

Hello Folks,

We are using web-services and we recently updated the certificate and gave the new certificate path in axis2.xml file.

Certificate is in test.crt format.

Network team mentions it is related with certificate.

The certificate is working in other customer.

Any thoughts and inputs are really appreciated.

Here is the log

[Thu Apr 05 10:55:09 2018] [info] [ssl client] Client certificate chain filenot specified
[Thu Apr 05 10:55:09 2018] [debug] …\src\core\transport\http\sender\ssl\ssl_utils.c(190) [ssl client] SSL certificate verified against peer
[Thu Apr 05 10:55:09 2018] [error] …\src\core\transport\http\sender\http_client.c(667) Content-Type header missing in HTTP response
[Thu Apr 05 10:55:09 2018] [error] …\src\core\transport\http\sender\http_client.c(668) Response does not contain Content-Type
[Thu Apr 05 10:55:09 2018] [error] …\src\core\transport\http\sender\http_sender.c(1381) status_code < 0
[Thu Apr 05 10:55:09 2018] [error] …\src\core\engine\engine.c(179) Transport sender invoke failed
[Thu Apr 05 10:55:09 2018] [info] [rampart][rampart_mod] rampart_mod shutdown

cpk0061 (BOB member since 2018-04-05)

We removed the proxy and it is working.

Created a ticket for SAP. Hope they will be able to resolve the issue.

Currently on DS 4.2 SP1 Patch 3.


cpk0061 (BOB member since 2018-04-05)