The Job Server You Selected is not Working

We are running DS XI3.2 SP2 in Windows 2208 R2 environment for testing. Created Job servers and repositories. Imported one job from our current DI production and trying to run from DS designer but returning
“The Job Server You Selected is not Working”. The same job I could run without error in our current DI Production and DI Test also.
Our database client is Oracle Our repositories and Job servers are good. I see a similar kind of issue in SAP knoeldge base 1235676 - “Designer is not communicating with the job server” but this is not clear to me. Any help on this will be appreciated.

KUA (BOB member since 2007-12-09)

When you open Designer and hover over the Jobserver icon at the bottom of the application, what does it say in the status bar?

Werner Daehn :de: (BOB member since 2004-12-17)

Thanks for the reply. It says:
“Job Server: (RHQA-BOEDS:3501) - is not responding (BODI-124021)”
Our job server name is JS-BOEDS-QA_2 is not even showing.
RHQA-BOEDS is Server name where we installed DS.

KUA (BOB member since 2007-12-09)

This is now resoloved. Although I reinstall both DS and Oracle client as “run as an administrator” and resynced all the repositories but still the error remained. Actually the issue is: Data Services did not start but returned Error: 1069 (the service did not statrt due to a login failure). Typed the same password and then worked.

KUA (BOB member since 2007-12-09)

my PC designer also return the “The Job Server You Selected is not Working”.And i checked my pc "Ping the server " ,it worked but the server ping my Pc did not worked. when i asked the IT help me added my IP in the server. then the issue was solved.

hope my experience could help you