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The file stderr.log of SSO Tomcat not showing credentials obtained

Hello eveyone,

Trying to set up SSO on a BI 4.3 SP3 environment.

Then get to the part where we have set up and entered the following lines in Tomcat settings:(java options)\windows\bscLogin.conf\windows\krb5.ini

When we restart tomcat, stderr.log does not contain the message ‘Credentials Obtained’.

Any idea what we could be doing wrong?


Check out this article, 2629070 - How to Securely Integrate BI 4.2 or 4.3 with Windows Active Directory and SSO in Distributed Environments - Best Practices :closed_lock_with_key:. It has very good information and has troubleshooting tips. We have been using it for a long time. The configuration is working in our BI 4.3 environments.

I’m not sure what this is or what it would do. We don’t have this set in our environments. You could try removing it and see what happens. Otherwise, see the document linked above.

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A couple of things from my notes:
Make sure you run the Tomcat config as admin. Also check your capitalization. It can sometimes be finnicky on c:\windows vs c:\Windows.

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Thanks John for your reply and for your help, but i tried all the steps in the blow link, and i removed also the line -Djcsi.kerberos.maxpacketsize=0, but unfortunaytly the file stderr.log not showing credentials obtained, i should to find other solutions

Thanks Dtolley for your help, i checked the capitalization and it was was right, i should to find other solutions

@richard I have the same issue too not able to see credentals obtained in STDERR.LOG for 4.3 sp3. Opend ticket with SAP they are also not able to to fix it. Any luck from your side are you able to fix it ?

@Getduderakesh unfortunatly, we haven’t found a solution to fix it, the problem still persists