System Broadcast message

I want to communicate with all users whos logging in to BO Home (BO portal), like a system broadcast infomessage.

In BO CMC I would like to create the message, when it must be public, to which users/groups and where the message should appear.

We are in a upgrade-project to BW4Hana and we want to inform users whos logging in to BO that more info related to some workbook-problems can be found on a Shareport-area.
I could use this message-system to many different areas.

Since I know there are no such ability in BO, but I say the need for it is big.

The user would get the message when they log into BO. I can see 4 different areas where message can be published in BO Home, #1-#4 below.
#1 is a small area but on best position.
#2 is the inbox-area, but as far as I know this is only for sending reports (dokuments)
#3 is the left column
#4 is the right column

Maybe #3 and #4 could be used together with #1.

What version of BusinessObjects are you on? If it is 4.2, then you could use a User Notification Event. (SAP login required)

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@nscheaffer is correct. If you are on this version of Business Objects, the User Notifications work very well.

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It works in version 4.2 it works pretty good.
The usernotification on BO Home is obvious with an orange splash-bar on top of page.

In version 4.3 (P3) its not so good.
The notification to the user is bad. On BO Home the notification is poor. You find the message under Inbox.


This is the BO 4.2 screen: