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Sum for a fixed month also when a differen month is selected

The simple explanation.

I have a report with data for 9 month.
So every line is 1 month.
First column is the month name, second column the amount for that month (already made that a YTD amount).

Now in the 3rd column I want always to show the number of the 1st month (so the starting position).

Was thinking for something like :

=Sum([Amount LC]) Where([Fiscal Period Year(MM/YYYY)]="01/2019")

But this gives nothing.
Any other ideas?

rpinxt (BOB member since 2019-01-23)

Well little update.
This seemed to do it, but it did NOT really:

=RunningSum([YTD LOC]) Where([Period]="01/2019")

Period = a variable I based on the period object.

But I would not know why I would need runningsum as it is the first month.

Moreover when I use the filter bar and lets say put the period to period 6 it gives no output anymore.

If I then use a Nofilter() then he does show an amount but the amount is totally rubbish and much too high…

Seemed like such a simple thing…Show always the amount for the first periode…

rpinxt (BOB member since 2019-01-23)

Ok took me a while but I found my solution.
Will post it below for if others run into the same problem.

=NoFilter(Sum([Amount LC]) Where([Period]="01/2019");Drill)

This did the trick.
Gave met the 01/2019 amount in every line and when filtered it still gives that number in the 1 line filtered.

rpinxt (BOB member since 2019-01-23)