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Suggestion for BO 4.3 SP3 stable patch( we are on 4.3 SP2 Patch9)

Hi All,
We are on 4.3 SP2 Patch9 and would like to explore SP3. Can you please suggest a stable Patch version in 4.3 SP3.

Srinivas Perumandla

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We are on sp3 p100, seems pretty solid so far


Thanks for the suggestion , Douglas. We installed SP3 P500. I will update in this thread as our testing progresses.


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We upgraded to 4.3 SP3 Patch 100 but after a few weeks we updated to Patch 400 because of : note 3295262. So far, we haven’t experienced big issues.

we are on 4.3 SP3 Patch 500 with a (S)mall installation.
focused only/mainly on scheduling/publishing WebI-pdf/xlsx or AfO-Workbooks from direct-HANA or HANA-Universe or BW/4HANA.
No/limited user-interaction.
Only a few minor bugs, so-far-so-good …

@srinivasp74 and @N8AKTIV, do have any free-hand SQL reports? If so, are you experiencing the issue described here…

sorry, we have no FHSQL to Oracle.
on the subject “date/time” we only see a minor problem in scheduling-screen,
because the locale-browser-setting is ignored and the input is always expected in US/UK-date and AM/PM-time-format
(but it works).
so 4.3 is not (yet) perfect in handling worldwide date/time, this could explain why other problems still occur.

maybe some hint in the Oracle-connection-parameters can help to fix the SQL-statement ?!
or tracing the SQL-statement in Oracle to see what exact value is “too short” ?!