Subtract Time between events


I need to create a variable that subtracts one hour from another, let me explain:

Event time A: 12:30
Event time B: 12:00

Time between event A and event B = 00:30

What I need is the formula that gives me the time between events.

I have created formulas that give me the time of the events but when trying to subtract one from another it does not leave me giving me an invalid data type error.


Hello @aarancon and welcome to B :mrgreen: B
Business Objects often doesn’t like when you try to do calculations between calculations. I assume that you created a variable for each of your event times and then you created a variable to subtract one variable from the other. For some reason, Business Objects tends to have problems with this type of configuration. Have tried creating a variable that uses your formulas instead of using other variables?

May be this link or TimeBetween function if you make use of dates can be of some help to you.


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