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Stop webi making a blank field and thus extra row

Maybe bit cryptic but think this will explain:

So the Comm.Inv. field is a variable like:
=[Billing Doc] Where ([SD Document Category] = “U”)

The upper line give me the correct number. But why for gods sake does it make a second line??
There are 2 options. a “U” or an “M”.
Guessing it makes the extra line because there are 2 options, but I did not ask for a 2nd line did I?

Want to make another field to show the number belonging to “M”.
But ofcourse I want them on the same line and not on 2 lines.

Anybody an idea?

There could be an additional record in your database that contains an empty string for the value of [Billing Doc]. This could cause the additional record.

Not entirely sure what you mean with that. The report was run for 1 document number.
And the field with the M or U (not in picture), when you pull that in there are only these 2 values.

But if there was a blank somewhere would you ever get the 2 values to come in 1 line?

This might be accomplished by adding a filter where [Billing Doc] Not Equal to “”.
I don’t know what impact this could have on the rest of your report though.

Solution is to put max() around your variable definition


Yes thanks @jemstar ! This was the solution I was looking for.

Putting max around my initial logic did the trick.
Had to change it from a dimension to a measure but thats no problem.