SQL-Generation on multi source universe


I perceived a queer sql generation under certain circumstances. Can this be attuned somehow?

Query generation for the follwowing combination

  • Multi source data foundation
  • derived table (here with oracle syntax: “SELECT 1 as one FROM DUAL”)
  • IDT will let me choose between “Standard SQL-92” and “Database-specific” → I choose “Database-specific”

When this source would be used in a query, the resulting sql is encapsulated by something “WITH …AS NATIVE …, “ONE” DECIMAL (127,0…)”

It is inconvenient to extract a statement for Toad/etc. for debugging purposes.

Thanks in advance

I have only tried to use a multi-source universe over SQL Server but the generated SQL there was awful. There was no way to copy it into Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio and run it without making modifications. Based on performance and a comment in post to the SAP Influence Site (MSU support using snowflake connection, SAP Login Required) that SAP doesn’t intend to invest in the Multisource universe, we abandoned ours.

Since then, SAP has released their SAP Business Intelligence Statement of Direction which states that Multi-source universe and associated connectivity will be no longer delivered or supported at end of life for BI 4.3.

I don’t know your use case for using a multi-source universe, but you might want to start looking for alternatives. I haven’t heard anything from SAP that they are going to offer anything in this space or not.

Hold on John Clark - are you serious SAP is discontinuing support for multi source universes?

I am having the same issue with the ANSI 92 recursive when its not used at all in the derived table.

Yes, that is the published information from Business Objects. See the link to the SAP Business Intelligence Statement of Direction. There is an appendix that you have to click on if I remember correctly.

Yes I read the addendum. Pretty amazing they are abandoning instead correcting these data foundation problems. I’m sure that will be the death our corporate endorsement of SAP BO.