split group on page


I need to generate a report with this layout…I don’t know if it’s possible.

The A4 page is splitted in two part

part 1 | part 2

In this rpt I have a group by condition on doc number.

So I would like to have doc 1 in part 1 and doc 2 on part 2.

Actually on the first page we already have the fist group (even if we have a few records and the part 2 is empty)

The new group start always on a new page…

So we would like to obtain:
part1 | part 2
group1 | group2

second page
part 1 | part2
group3 | group4


elly00 (BOB member since 2019-09-03)

try using multi column on your section.
Group Expert/Multicolumn a new tab appears, ajust the size

luc_chivas (BOB member since 2008-10-16)