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Some questions on migrating to 4.3 and PMW

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We will be migrating to new AWS servers from 4.2 to 4.3, specifically 4.3 SP3 P300. We use AD authentication and that is set up and working.
We reviewed the order of importing using PMW but questions don’t really come up until you start using the tool.

In thinking about order of import…

  1. We use AD authentication and use several groups (5), some just for convenience, but 2 of the AD groups have all the users. We’ve confirmed AD works. After importing access levels…
    Do we add the AD groups in authentication and then delete all the relevant users? Then import 1. all users, then 2. import all groups but the AD groups or promote again the AD groups along with enterprise groups?

  2. When importing universes after connections, some universes have overheads. For these instances I assume you check, include dependencies and then in dependencies uncheck connections or it won’t matter?

  3. I think the next thing is folders and documents. With Folders and specifically User Folders, wouldn’t they be created when importing users. So how do you get cuids to match up for user folders and their contents? Do you import Folders and Documents at the same time?

  4. For the most part, are you unchecking include dependencies when importing the various options, otherwise there seems to be a lot of redundant importing of objects?