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Some CMC pages displaying "The connection was reset."

We are testing 4.3 SP3 P100. The servers are deployed in an AWS environment. We are finding some CMC web pages display correctly, e.g. Folders, Users and Groups while others, e.g. Promotion Management display a message on the page, “The connection was reset”. We’ve had our AV team examine but they said they aren’t stopping anything. SAP has a KBA essentially saying it isn’t our fault.

All CMC web pages display correctly if accessed from the AWS servers.

Has anyone run into this situation and found a solution?


try login from other client.
message about „connection reset“ is caused by missing/blocked network traffic.

Thank you for the response.

We have tested from multiple clients with the same results. Results are consistent, CMC pages like Audit and Promotion Management display ‘The connection was reset’ while other pages such as Folders or Users and Groups display without issue. We have run wireshark on client and server but are uncertain how to interpret the results.


This should point you in the right direction: "Connection was reset" error when browsing BI Launchpad or CMC : Support Portal & Knowledge base