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Side by side migration 4.2 to 4.3 sp3 patch 9

I did a fresh installation of 4.3 sp3 patch 9 on a new Windows 2022 server and had the following error: could not log into CMS “server:6400” with the provided credentials. Ensure that the CMS name, port number, and credentials are correct. (FWM 23002). Also, SIA didn’t start. When running the install when it gets to configuring a CMS database - I selected existing and used the db we are using for the 4.2 server. Should I create a new CMS database for the new server? How does this work for migrating from old to new server?

Yes! You should absolutely create a new CMS and Audit databases. The versions will be incompatible.
You will need to use Promotion Management, or better yet, the lcm client tool to migrate your content.

Thanks, are there requirements to ask our DBA when setting up the new databases?

Check the Administrator’s Guide and the Install Guide for information specific to your database software.

If you have an existing 4.2 environment, you can upgrade it to 4.3 without creating a new CMS and migrating content. SAP used to say you had to create a new CMS, but no more.

@sshroyer, you can upgrade without creating a new CMS database only if you run the upgrade on the same servers as the old version.

If you are moving to new servers, you need to create a new CMS database for the new version.

Ah yes, if you are upgrading to a new Windows OS, that is true. However, we recently migrated from Windows Server 2012 to Windows Server 2019 and accomplished it without doing content migration. Create a temporary CMS on the server with the new OS to install 4.3. Then upgrade the 4.2 environment on the old windows server to 4.3. Now both CMS are at 4.3. At this point, you can delete the 4.2 node and repoint the 4.3 node to the CMS with all the content. Avoids content migration and all the validation that goes along with it. SAP told me they support it. We did it a year ago and it works.