Setting up Office 365 email destination in Edge

Hello folks,
I am very much a newbie to the Business objects application. The company is currently using a really old version of Business objects (edge series Product: 12.1.0). Though this is old, they have Office 365 and I need to setup the reports to be delivered via email automatically. Do i update the Destination job server or the Adaptive job server or desktop intelligence job server? All 3 of them have the Destination option for email. Any recommendations on how to achieve this ?

Pardon me, if this is BO 101, but i’m still learning.

Welcome @oldie !
Release 12.1.0 (XIR2) is out since 2005 right ? :sweat_smile: I have found this SAP Note about email configuration:

We cannot copy paste KB article here, but there is no support of Office 365 on XIR2, XI3 or BI4.0 for email destination.

Upgrade the product is not an option, right ?

Thank you Julien. Will go through the note. Upgrade does look like an option, but its going to take a while, Too many free hand sql reports and universe reports were developed. So migration is out of the question. A complete redesign will be needed.

An email is an email, no? How does Office365 can affect that? I am a bit lost here.

Or perhaps you mean an email/exchange server through which BOBJ sends emails?

Business Objects uses SMTP to send email. The client that receives the email shouldn’t matter.

If I remember correctly from version XIR2, you should configure the email on all three of the servers with a destination service running on them.

12.1 should be XI R3.1
and yes - add email as destination for all 3types of servers and set a params for smtp server

the easiest is if there is an anonymous one ( fqdn:25 )
although there are enough fields for authentication