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Service account getting locked out while starting BO Service


I have installed BO 6.1 enterprise on a server.
and configured.
But whenever my services are starting , the Service account which is used is gettign locked out.
We are sure that its not a wrong password issue.
The sercvices starts running and after couple of minutes account gets locked out.
I have worked with my AD team and even they say that they gets DCOM error : bad username and password ::
The issues is strange .Have anyone came across this ?

Currenty service account is used by 4 things
1.iis websites node as a service
2.OLAP cache manager
3.Webi cluster manager
4.Webi DTS manager

I have triple checked about the username and passwords .All are correcta nd moreover the services are starting and going to this state after couple of minutes only


evolutions123 (BOB member since 2015-02-27)

What do the windows event logs or BO logging files say?

Obviously, as you already know, 6.1 all completely unsupported, in any case.

Mak 1 :uk: (BOB member since 2005-01-06)

The error from event viewer is

DCOM got error;“Logon failure: Unknown username or bad password” and was unable to logon XXXX(service account) inorder to run the server

evolutions123 (BOB member since 2015-02-27)

Thanks people… I got it resolved.
It was an issue with the service acount created.
Service account was created in a different domain .
We have recreeated the service account in the same domain and it worked…

evolutions123 (BOB member since 2015-02-27)

I always wonder :roll_eyes: how people use so old versions 5 & 6 with no support, though XIr2 has gone past end of life long back
Also how are they using the new datasources for repository, reporting etc

haider :es: (BOB member since 2005-07-18)