Server group issue

Hi Team,

We are using server group concepts in our environment and in order to avoid load issues we have created two webi processing services separately for favourite folders and public folders. And we assigned the respective service groups at parent folder level in favourite folders and for user groups, we checked the options only if the service group is available. However some of the favourite folders are still using the services other than the group we have created for fav ie webi processing services for public folder. Kindly let me know how to fix this

Can you pick one of the scheduled reports found in the favourites folder and then :

  1. Pause the recurring instance

  2. Create a new scheduled instance and see if it uses the correct server group

I’m not sure what you are indicating by checking options for “only if the service group is available” as I don’t see this option in our configuration (we are on BI4.2sp8)
The options that you have are:

  1. Give preference to the servers in the selected group
    With this option, the report will attempt to use the servers in the designation group. If those servers are not available (I assume this could mean they are busy), it will use servers from another group. This could be why your Favorite folder reports are using your public folder servers group.
  2. Only use servers in the selected group
    With this option the reports can only be run on the servers of this group. If the servers are busy, the scheduled reports will wait until the servers become available.