Section subtotals alignment issue

I have Section A within Section B

At the bottom of Section B I have subtotals. Below that subtotal I need to show subtotal of section A which I can do but I can’t figure out how to keep the alignment always below subtotal of Section B. If I align manually then that record will show correctly but other records will show the subtotal in the middle of the report. I need to lock the subtotal to always how below Section B. I can’t figure out how to do it.
BO version 4.2 sp7

I don’t know if this works with sections or not as I don’t have a report with sections handy to check but this works with Tables.

In the Format dialog box you can give your object a name. It does have a default name assigned if you don’t set one. Name both of your sections if possible and if you desire to change the default name.

In the Table Format dialog, under Layout, you can set the table position relative to other objects on the report. You can also designate any space that you want between them.

That’s probably going to be the best I can offer you.

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By default, objects in sections are located relative to the top of the section. So, if you manually “drag and drop” objects to do your layout formatting, you’ll get the exact behavior you are seeing – the object will always show up x" from the top of your section.

I always recommend going into the properties and setting your location formatting there so you can specify the relative placement because what you see may not be what you get.

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That is true. The only option to align the object is by the top of the section. Now if I have a section within a section then I don’t have any control on the size of the inner sections because of more or less data. So I am not able to align using the top of section since it does not allow to pick other object. I wish there was an option from the bottom of section as well. I have not used Table Format > Layout for alignment but I will check it out. Thanks guys. I will come back with an update.

Your sum will need to go after the section, in the section “footer” (though nothing is labeled as the footer, it’s just after the section.) Note… in the HTML viewer the visual cues for the section boundaries are awful, you only see them when you hover over them. The structure and filter panel comes in handy to verify you are working in the right area.

Align your sum to the top of the section (it’s the “top” of the section you are working in – the footer) and X inches from the left so that it’s in the same horizontal position as your sum in the detail section. If you want space between the sections, use the bottom padding option for the section.

Very helpful and informative info. Thanks much for taking the time to explain. I tried to place the subtotal inside and outside the outer section but the alignment issue still persisted. Here are screenshots of the report. Remember, I have Policy section and inside that I have Claim section.

Here I have the subtotal inside the policy section right outside the claims section.
Structure View

Here is the report with data. The page 1 seems to be ok since there is less data.

Page 2 of the report shows the subtotal in the middle of the claims section since we now have more data. This is due to the alignment of the Policy subtotals.

If I move the policy subtotal outside the policy section and place is right under the Policy section, then all the subtotals will show up as one in the middle of the report.

Structure View

With Data

Am I doing anything wrong here?

I am still having this issue and not sure what I am doing wrong.

There is no expert here who can help?

You may be running into a WebI “feature.” In previous versions you could position an object relative to the section ( x" after Section ). With the move to HTML, that option was lost.

The only other suggestions I have are:
1 - make the section big enough to hold the max amount data you expect, but this is going to result in white space in cases with less data

2 - try adding a second section for year — YEAR / YEAR / QUARTER - display your Year header in the 1st year section and your footer after the 2nd year section. Highly possible that you might end up with the same problem, but give it a shot.