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Searching for a banner creator!

Hi there.

The migration to current app occurs 10 days ago ! We are doing good ! During the migration process I have set some existing images as logo and banner : I am using the exact same BOB logo as on forumtopics. This is cool because it give an identity but the format is not ideal: I think a more larger banner will be better suited for this place.

Here is the recommandation of Discourse:

  • logo: Use a wide rectangular image with a height of 120 and an aspect ratio greater than 3:1
  • logo small: The small logo image at the top left of your site, seen when scrolling down. Use a square 120 × 120 image
  • large icon: Image used as the base for other metadata icons. Should ideally be larger than 512 x 512.

There is a bunch of other (manifest icon, favicon, apple touch, opengraph but derivated from large icon by default so we can work on the 3 initial images only I think)

Who got some talent on design / photoshop / other tool ? :smiley: Do you want to keep BOB ? Do you want to do something else ? Let us know ! We can organize a pool if we have multiple propositions.

Hi Julien,

I love the classic BOB logo, how about we keep it?


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Hi Mohammed,

I was more thinking about adapting the famous logo to the 3x1 space we have. For example:


This is a 120px height, 3x1 aspect ratio image.It’s ugly because of my talent on GIMP but you get the idea :wink:

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I can try to do some stuff… I will keep you in touch

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Agree, keep the BOB logo itself with a slight retool/resize