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SDK Script to mass update users to remove system and client


we did a system copy of BOBJ 4.0 to new hardware. We have SAP Authentication enable with lot of users having prefix: SAP System id and Client number ex: SID~300/USERID.

We now plan to implement AD SSO which will auto link SAP Alias and AD Alias, but in order to do so the user name should be in simple format. Since this is a system copy of existing bobj system which already have System & client prefix, the same is copied to new hardware, even changing registry entry for simple name format will not help here. I have 2 options either manually remove SAP System ID & CLIENT Number prefix from all the 2000 users or have some SDK script to perform this rename.

Can you please help how can I do that, is there an already available script to perform this operation?

Appreciate your help, we are struggling from couple of weeks to make it work, but no luck.

Appeciate your input and help.


arifudds (BOB member since 2015-04-22)

You can use Java SDK, to fetch each User and then Update the Name Accordingly.

its fairly simple,

  1. Fetch all the Users,

  2. Loop through users
    a. change their name according to your requirements (For this you need a solid way to identify which part of the Existing name you dont want)

  3. Commit the changes.

Hope this helps.

rajeshg007 (BOB member since 2016-08-10)