Scheduling with GMT BST Time Changes

Hi All,
Does anyone have any ideas on how to schedule a report at 8:20am when it’s GMT but to dynamically have the schedule change to 9:20am when the UK switches to BST?

We currently have to remember to change the schedule twice a year to counter this.

The universe is pointing at ProgresSQL database so not sure if a universe object could be used to create a BST/GMT Flag, then use a 2 publications one that runs at 8:20 for GMT and one that runs at 9:20 when BST but this means having 2 schedules all year round

I thought of a file triggered event, but not sure how to set something up to create the trigger file (we are on windows servers)

Any suggestions welcome


We set our preferences to the local time zone in BILaunchPad, then schedule based on local time. For the most part, there aren’t any issues when switching between Standard Time (US CST) and Daylight Savings Time (US DST).

Kelley Huxtable

The problem is not scheduling in BOBJ but rather the data source during BST the data source doesn’t load till 1 hour later due to the time zone change. hence the specific ask to run at 8:20 1/2 the year and at 9:20 the rest of the time.

I have come up with a solution - luckily there is a date flag in the data, created once the data is loaded, so I have a scheduled report looking for the flag, when it sees it it triggers my main report using a scheduled event.

But if anyone has come up with any alternative solutions let me know