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Scheduled Data Services stopped working after changing the user password

Hello again,
Here I am again with another strange issue. :sweat_smile:

On a customer server, the customer changed the password for the Administrator user, and the scheduled Data Services jobs stopped working.
Even if we tried to delete and recreate them, they are still non working.

I’ve finally discovered that the scheduler is based on a couple of files, a .bat file containing references to the program and a .txt file containing all the parameters for the job, including user and password.
And in this file the password (encrypted) is the old Administrator password. If I manually change this Password parameter with the new one (after encrypting it with AL_Encrypt.exe) everything works again.
But if anyone will try to change the job scheduling, or to create a new one, the problem is back because the .txt file is rewritten with the old password value.

Do anyone know where this old password value is stored, so I can manually change it, or if there is a way to make the server update it by itself?

Thank you in advance,

[edit] some more info:

In the AL_RWJobLauncher log I found this message:

12_13_2021 13:00:00 (11616): CRWJobLauncherApp::InitInstance called.
12_13_2021 13:00:02 (11616): Enterprise authentication could not log you on. Please make sure your logon information is correct. (FWB 00008)
12_13_2021 13:00:02 (11616): *** RWJL_EXIT called.
12_13_2021 13:00:02 (11616): *** ERROR: RWJobLauncher failed to connect to CMS. (BODI-1250220)

And in the .txt file, when it is regenerated, there is:


Where the -P parameter is the encrypted value of the old password

If I manually change it with the encrypted value of the new password the scheduled job works without problems.

Finally found a solution!

It looks like the Data Services engine stores somewhere locally the user and password used to launch the job. But if this password is changed by the user, it will not be updated in this local repository.

You need to log in to Data Services Management Console, navigate to:
Administrator → Management → CMS connection
and update the password here.


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