schedule IS task job after BODS job

Hi experts,

In our Data Services and Information Steward environment we have set up a Business Objects environment with Information Platform Services (4.1 support pack 4).

In order to automate the process, the information steward task job should start after Data Services job has finished successfully. Therefore I use the schedule event in the CMC as stated in the next article:

  1. Data Services job extracts the data from the source application(s) and loads it in the staging repository.
  2. Information Steward profiling tasks and rule validation tasks run against the staging repository.
  3. Optionally there may be another Data Services job that moves the ‘Failed Data’ identified by Information Steward into a data mart to enable custom BI reporting.

Problem: the Information Steward task job always starts at the same time when the Data Services job starts, so the event gets triggered before the Data Services job is completed. Is there any workaround on this issue?

Thanks in advance.

robbydebacker (BOB member since 2014-12-16)

DS job scheduled in BOE will only trigger the job start and return the status of that not of the job so from BOE side as soon as job is started successfully the BOE Job is completed and since you have tied this to IS Task it will be started without waiting for the DS job to complete

DS Job Execution is not completely integrated into CMS, IS Task(job) execution is, see if you can trigger IS task by writing some file to a shared location once the DS Job Completes, you can write the file to this location in the DS job using a DF or a script, you can’t rely on the status of the schedule created for DS job in CMS

manoj_d (BOB member since 2009-01-02)

We are using Business Objects Data Services 4.2 on linux and have installed IPS. Everything is working fine but we dont see event servers and so we are not able to run the jobs using file events. The IPS document suggests that EVENT SERVER is part of the install but it doesn’t show. Any help on how to configure and run event server?

dcdas :us: (BOB member since 2002-06-17)

same issue here. What is everyone else doing ? (other than writing BODS job status to a file <like it was 1980>)

wilsoja1 (BOB member since 2012-02-10)

from IS 4.2 SP05 you can export IS Task execution command, you can take that command and call it using exec from the DS job at the end
or use that command line in any other application like 3rd party scheduler

manoj_d (BOB member since 2009-01-02)

Very Nice ! I just upgraded our dev environment to 4.2 SP5 Patch 1 a month or so ago. I’ll be sure to give that a try. Thank you for the tip ! (seriously)

wilsoja1 (BOB member since 2012-02-10)

Just wanted to know if export execution command from IS worked in your case.

What are the parameter you edited in the command?

vikashcvrce303 :india: (BOB member since 2012-02-13)

IS export command works. We’ve been using it for some time now.

wilsoja1 (BOB member since 2012-02-10)

Hi Wil,

Can you please let me know how did you use the SAP IS Export execution command in the SAP DS job?.

You can also send the screenshot of the job to

Sudharsan C

sudhar51 (BOB member since 2017-05-23)

In BODS, use a script like so:

print( ‘Running Info Steward Scorecard…’);
print( exec(‘EXPORTED IS COMMAND’));
print( ‘Finished - Info Steward Scorecard…’);

wilsoja1 (BOB member since 2012-02-10)

Does anyone know on which database/table I can find the configurationTaskObject ID relevant to each task?

I know I can get it from the CMC’s Export execution command but I would imagine this data is on a database.

zordon (BOB member since 2019-09-19)