Schedule Analysis for Office,wrong date format in attachment

Dear friends,

I’m struggling with Analysis for Office and the date format.

I did the “Enable Native Formatting” and when I run the AfO in my computer, I get dates in the format I need (German-Switzerland)

Like this, I get dates with the format 29.07.2020

But, when I upload the AfO in the Launchpad (Webi Portal) and I schedule it, attached excel in the mail of the schedule shows the date in american formatting.

We have a clustered installation:

1 Linux server for BO 4.2 platform
1 Windows server for Analysis for Office

Do have any clue where has to be set up the format that I need?

Thanks a lot


Victor_BCN :es: (BOB member since 2009-09-15)

maybe some different locale-settings (language, region, date-format) on the server
or different settings on the receiving client-machine
or some additional excel-add-ins on the client computer that will affect the display of the AfO-date (already experienced it myself)

n8aktiv :de: (BOB member since 2018-12-29)

Hi n8aktiv, I tried to change the regional settings in the server (user and server context) and it did not change anything.

But…I upgraded the BIP of the server and then I got the correct format :slight_smile:

Now I struggle with another issue :slight_smile: the dates are not dates but strings…

Victor_BCN :es: (BOB member since 2009-09-15)

there is a configuration-setting in AfO that will switch between text or date:

n8aktiv :de: (BOB member since 2018-12-29)

Yes, the EnableNativeFormatting is done in my local installation and it was done in the server, in the D:\Programme (x86)\SAP BusinessObjects\Analysis Precalculation\ AO_BiPrecalculation.config

But most probable, this file was overwritten after the BIP upgrade, I need to check that.

Victor_BCN :es: (BOB member since 2009-09-15)

I’m back :slight_smile:

At the end the solution was:

  1. Change regional settings in BIP Server to German (Switzerland)
  2. Upgrade BIP to 2.8 SP08
  3. Change in the config file of BIP server the nativeformat to True

Now it delivers dates and in the proper format