Schduled job - external emails no longer works

Our scheduled BO report are not being sent outside the company address anymore. We could do it a month ago but can’t do it anymore.
Internal emails work fine.

Is there any test I can do to confirm if the issue is related to BO or SMTP/Email?


You can send mail internally, so that tells you your setup on the BO side is still good. Sounds like a rule has been added to your email server or gateway to block mail from going out externally or maybe mail with attachments. (We do that to block users from sending out protected data.) I’d suggest talking to your email server admins. If you are getting bounce back messages, they may provide additional details.


I have verified that we can send email externally using attachment outside BO.
Is there a way to check whether it is BO related or not. Any test we can perform on BO server?

Assuming you are using Windows servers, are you familiar with Windows Powershell?

Try running this code in PowerShell:
Send-MailMessage -From $FromEmail -To $ToEmail -Subject $Subject -Body $Body -SmtpServer $SmtpServer
The items that begin with $ will need to be replaced with valid values. $SmtpServer should be the same that you are using in your email configuration in Business Objects.

Thanks I will give that a try. Another question. When I run the report, it runs successfully but never gets delivered to external address. Will there be any errors in any logs we can check?

That may depend on the logging level you have configured. If there were anything in the logs, I would expect it to be in the AdaptiveJobServer logs.

If the email is being prevented by a rule on the email server, you won’t see anything in the BOBJ logs. It could be that the “sender” you’re using has been prevented from sending email out of the company.


Email can be blocked (or allowed) on a per server basis. So, just because you can send external mail from other systems doesn’t mean your BO system is permitted to send mail. Any testing you do will need to be on the same system, using the same configuration.