Save the same report with different connections


I have a web intelligence report “Report A” created against one universe.

I would need users to access this report against 4 different servers which have exactly the same physical model (but obviously contain different data).

I have found a solution to create 4 different user IDs and have each ID use a different connection.

But is it possible have the same user with 4 “saved as” copies of the report, each of them saved with a different connection. i.e. save my “ReportA” in 4 different instances “ReportA-Database1”,…“ReportA-Database4”.

Is the connection management only possible at the level of the universe or the user id or is there a way to manage this at the report level?

apc75015 (BOB member since 2020-04-08)

You might be able to achieve this with linked universes.

Starting with the base universe (“A”), create three new universes (“B”, “C”, “D”), that all link to A. Change the connection in each accordingly. You’ll now have four identical universes that point to different data sources. Then, copy ReportB and switch to universe B; do the same for ReportC and ReportD.


joepeters :us: (BOB member since 2002-08-29)