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SAP HANA Training Vendor or Location in US

Hi all,
I know this is not a right place to post this but I need help on SAP non BO product training. Moderator, please move this thread to appropriate group.
I’ve been in SAP BO for last 15 years. My company wants me to pursue SAP HANA training and certification. I went through SAP training site and also contacted SAP on HANA training, unfortunately, I did not find anything per my date. SAP training dates are hard to prepare and work with for a brand new HANA guy like me who has never worked in HANA. I’m taking the HANA introductory class in Pittsburgh from SAP. But the modeling classes are hard to find. I started checking with Learning Tree International and New Horizon Computer too, and even they don’t offer HANA instructor led class. I have no interest of taking these classes online or through virtual learning, the class must be instructor led classroom setting, face to face with instructor. Is there any other place who offer instructor led classroom setting HANA class?
Please help me if there is any institute that I can go for in class session. I’m available to travel anywhere in the US, no restriction.

Here are the classes that I’m interested to take:

  1. HA300 SAP HANA 2.0 SPS03 Modeling - Available to take it from May 2019

  2. HA301 SAP HANA 2.0 SPS03 Advanced Modeling - Available to take it from July 2019

zulu1900 (BOB member since 2005-07-27)

There is an SAP Hana on the cloud trial that you can use to get familiar with Hana. Unfortunately, I am not too familiar with the client tool but do understand the concepts of Hana.

I am interested in learning more about the tool. Could you share any materials you found helpful.

Many thanks!

indy (BOB member since 2004-04-08)