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SAP Explorer not giving right values?

Hi All,
we are using SAP explorer 14.1.3 build 1257.

we have many mesures coming from various ctxts.
when run in the “WEBI” report all measure values appear fine. Webi report is setup with multiple queries. each query has its own ctxt. the common dimensions are then merged and displayed. ev thing is great in WEBI.

when we bring in all these dims and measures into the explorer and run, the measure values do not tie up in Explorer as it is in webi (correct) values.

Attempted the following:
I have made dummy obj and set up incompatibility in such a way that Explorer forces the same ctxt as it is in Webi. Does not work.

I have limited my meaures and tried running it but same issue, I cant tie up numbers.


1-Why my numbers dont tie up?

2- Does SAP explorer merges dimension behind the scene automatically?

3- any other alternative any one can think off?

4- Does explorer work well with multiple ctxts or is there a known bug?

Thanks in advance.

SAMTHEBOBJGUY (BOB member since 2010-07-24)