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SAP Data Services 4.3 Azure SQL DB Repository timeouts

Hi experts!

We have recently been given an Azure SQL DB on which we have installed CMS and SAP Data Services 4.3. CMS and SAP data services all seem to be configured correctly. CMS shows no log errors and SAP data services runs jobs all fine when first logging in to designer.

We have noticed that when after leaving the Designer open and say going to a meeting or leaving designer for approx 20 mins or not commiting code for 20 mins or so. When we try to commit new code, changes to code, objects or run jobs we get a forced disconnect error and designer crashes out.

Has anyone come across this and knows a way to get round it. Our network team say there are no network blips and we are currently waiting on the Azure team to see if there is anything their side.

We are receiving erroneous TLS errors in the Windows event logs but that’s about it?

Image of the error message from designer.



There are a few possible solutions here: An existing connection was forcibly closed (OS error 10054) - SQL Server | Microsoft Learn

So in a nutshell this is more in relation to issues at the OS level re the TLS and not Data Services. Thanks for this - we were banging our heads on this. Will ask the OS / Azure team to look into.