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SAP Data Services 4,2 String data right truncation

Currently running a legacy SAP environment comprising

SAP Data Services 4.2

SQL Server 2008 r2

SAP Business Objects 4.1

This installation is in the process of being reviewed for update so will hopefully decommissioned in the next year or so.

We’ve had an issue where our production data warehouse became corrupted due to external factors. This has meant we have had to rebuild it from scratch. Most of the data services jobs run successfully apart from which presents itself with a string data right truncation error. We are rebuilding the job in our test environment and can see no visible difference in the jobs in production and test installations

This what the log is telling us :-

@RUN-051005, ERROR, 0, 0.000, 116.436, 0.000, 0.000, 0:0, 0.000, 0, RUN-051005: |Data flow Execution of for target failed. Possible causes: (1) Error in the SQL syntax; (2) Database connection is broken; (3) Database related errors such as transaction log is full, etc.; (4) The user defined in the datastore has insufficient privileges to execute the SQL. If the error is for preload or postload operation, or if it is for regular load operation and load triggers are defined, check the SQL. Otherwise, for (3) and (4), contact your local DBA.

@DBS-070401, ERROR, 0, 0.000, 126.792, 0.000, 0.000, 0:0, 0.000, 0, DBS-070401: |Data flow : ODBC data source error message for operation : <[Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 10.0]String data, right truncation>.||

@DBS-070401, ERROR, 0, 0.000, 126.808, 0.000, 0.000, 0:0, 0.000, 0, DBS-070401: |Data flow : ODBC data source rror message for operation : <*****>. This message contains some internal system details which have been hidden for security. If you need to see the full contents of the original message, ask your administrator to assign additional privileges to your account.

Any help would be greatly appreciated