SAP BW Firefighter ID concept in SAP BOBJ?

Hi, All

There is Firefighter ID concept in SAP BW. Checking to see if we have similar concept in SAP BOBJ. We are on BI 4.2 SP4

(Firefighter ID: A firefighter ID is a temporary user ID that grants the user exception-based, yet regulated, access. The firefighter ID is created by a system administrator and assigned to users who need to perform tasks in emergency or extraordinary situations).

Thank you for the help!.

MIUSA (BOB member since 2011-05-01)

I don’t believe this exists. You can temporarily add a user to the admin group but it will not audit any changes you make.

Maybe you could create a firefighter enterprise account and manually give it elevated permissions. Then enable/disable the account when needed.

bension (BOB member since 2005-09-01)