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SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.3 SP02 (SAP BI 4.3 SP2) Released! (well on December 10th!)

Hello All,

In case you have missed it, I wanted to share my blog where I document everything I can think you might want to know regarding the latest release of SAP BI 4.3 SP02.

I personally think it’s a great release. What are your thoughts? Any real life environments in Production out there already? Or waiting for the magic Patch 1 in January?!

Take care,


Hello Patrick,
nice to see you here.

We are not yet on 4.3, but I am eagerly waiting for the IT-team to provide me a new server
on which I can finally test exporting from 4.2 SP6 and importing to 4.3 SP2
and I am looking for a separate PC for the client tools,
as these cannot be installed/used in different versions on the same machine.

Because of the large number of bug fixes since 4.2 SP8 (without any new features!),
it will be reasonable to wait for the Patch 1 :wink:

I heard that Trellis is not included in SP02, what about the other announced features
such as “Micro-Charts”, “Trend Lines”, “Zoom & Pan” ?

Thank you !

Hey Dietmar!

You need to ask your IT team to spin you an AWS EC2 server to play around. My t3.2xlarge is only a few cents per hours. I’m sure they can afford it :laughing:

I like you’re planning a side by side upgrade. For sure the best way to do it without risk and total success.

Although I agree with you to wait for Patch 1, and it’s only a few weeks away anyway, you should be fine with plain BI 4.3 SP02 “Patch 0” for those BI 4.2 SP08 bugs according to the Forward Fit.

I’m afraid I can’t say about Trellis, Micro-Charts, Trend Lines, Zoom & Pan. I’m a server guy more than a Webi guy. I have a call with SAP later today. I’ll ask!

Loaded 4.3 SP2 onto my test server today without any issues. First impressions are very favourable, UI is very responsive. Looking forward to exploring this release in more detail over the next few days.

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Hi Again,

Feedback from SAP:

“Trellis and Zoom & Pan are planned for SAP BI 4.3 SP3.”

“Microcharts and Trend lines remain in our backlog for the moment.”

“We encourage customers to look at Need4Viz and their ready to use solutions.”

@pperrier you’re everywhere ! Nice to read you :slight_smile:

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Trying to. Every service packs :laughing:

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Hi Scot (apologies if not your real name!),

We are currently scoping out moving to 4.3 SP2 from 4.2 SP7. We tried an update to 4.3 in the summer but the Modern (Fiori) BI Launch Pad rendered really slowly and gave a poor user experience. At the time we decided to stick with the Classic BI Launch pad UI. I was wondering if you had progressed into production with 4.3 SP2 and was the UI still “very responsive”, any issues/feedback from your users?

Much appreciated,

Hi Mick,

I am still evaluating 4.3 SP2, juggling a few projects just now, but I can confirm that the Fiori Launchpad is significantly more responsive than in the earlier releases. I’d probably say its at least as responsive as our 4.2 SP7 non-Fiori system.



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Hi Alistair,

That’s reassuring news! :slightly_smiling_face:

Really appreciate the prompt feedback. I think we’ll give it go. :+1:

All the best,

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