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SAP Business Objects Upgrade to 4.3

I am currently on SAP Business Objects 4.2 SP9. I am upgrading to version 4.3 SP4. When I try to enter my password for the existing CMS deployment, I am getting this error. Either the remote CMS cannot be reached or the login credentials are incorrect. I am sure my credentials are fine.
Can someone tell me what the issue is?

Hi Kumaran,

Firstly, don’t do it. There is a serious bug around scheduling in SP4 and SP4 Patch 1 which means that scheduled reports which output as Excel or PDF and either email or save to a network share fail to run each and every time. We found it quite late on and I had to roll back a bunch of environments. If you want a link to the SAP note then let me know.

Secondly, as to your issue, I have seen something similar and what I found used to happen was the Administrator account would somehow become locked when you entered the password. If you get a CMC up in another window then you will see it if you keep an eye on the account and keep refreshing. I got around this by unlocking the account and quickly retrying and it eventually worked.

As I say, I don’t know if it’s the same issue but it sounds like. Let me know if this doesn’t work. Alternatively you might have a SQL Server ODBC connection using Windows Authentication. This is fine for the BO Service Account but will be trying to authenticate as you if you are logged into the server as your own account as you may not have access to the DB. For this you can either log into the server using the service account, get temporary access to the repository DB for your account or, and this is my preference, don’t use Windows authentication and get a SQL Server user set up instead.


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thanks @ShawshankSteve for info - I was about to lauch the installer… if you know the SAPnote I would appreciate it.

Hey Tom, you’re welcome. The SAP note is 3418696

Looks like it hasn’t been confirmed for a patch yet (I’m not counting BO 2025 of course) but I’m sure lots of companies must be complaining about this one so would expect it soon.

It has caused me a lot of work and I personally think they should have pulled SP4 until it’s fixed! Inexcusable.


I find this sort of thing pretty serious. I just wrote a blog post on this issue with credit to this thread.


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Hi Noel,

Great post. I was extremely annoyed at the bug to say the least.

I suspect that I was the one who found that free-hand SQL bug you mentioned too. It morphed from one problem into another. So we have some Oracle-based stored proc FHSQL reports. It turned out that 4.3 introduced a bug so that the first time you opened it and refreshed it, it actually ran the report twice. Not much of a problem you might think but we have a horrible old report which was taking 30 minutes and suddenly started taking an hour. We have an audit table which these procs write to so that confirmed it. SAO eventually said that it was fixed. It was, sort of, but we found that the first run was using the default @prompt parameters and not the supplied parameters from the prompt screen so in our case was coming back as blank on the initial run. This was worse than running twice as no data tells a user that there’s no data so we couldn’t go live with that version either. I was finally ready to roll out SP4 Patch 1 and we discovered that scheduling bug so we’re still actually living with the Oracle running twice bug. All my hair is falling out :grinning:



SP4 Patch 2 is already one week late,
I hope the bugfix will be in there

… seems to be fixed in SP4 Patch 200


Yup, noticed that myself this afternoon. We will be testing that area very well. Let’s hope that SAP have actually tested basic functionality this time…

so I have upgraded test system to SP4 patch 200… - no signs of scheduling problem so far…

Thanks for being the canary in coal mine. Best wishes. :shamrock: :grinning: