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SAP BO User/Groups list

Hi All,

I want to get a list of User/Groups and related granular access level.

Please help.


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I have used Query Builder to gather information from the Business Objects system. Here’s a link from the SAP Community which will help with the queries: BusinessObjects Query builder – Basics | SAP Blogs

Alternatively, I use WIIIsdom (formerly GB&Smith) in house for backups and promotion management.(SAP is actually their customer). WIIIsdom has a product called 360View which will do what you need in a more user friendly format than Query Builder: 360Suite - Making trusted decisions together

I hope this helps.

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Whatever you can get from Query Builder you can also get using biclever’s free CMS Query Builder which allows you to export the data.

I have no doubt that WIIIsdom’s 360View is more user friendly, but it is not free.


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Thank you! This Query Builder Tool is great! We don’t license/own 360View but I have demo’d it a couple of times for 30 days.