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[SAP BI 4.2] How to create new user with vbs ?


I’m search a little help for create a user with a vbs.
The user cannot exist on a cmc so.

i’d like to do something like that :

Set Users = IStore.Query(“Select Top 1 * From CI_SYSTEMOBJECTS Where SI_PROGID=‘CrystalEnterprise.USER’ And SI_NAME =’” & UserName & “’”)

Set User = Users.Item (1)

if User is empty then
User.add …


Gus (BOB member since 2017-06-26)

Try this:

    Dim newIOS As InfoObjects
    Set newIOS = istore.NewInfoObjectCollection
    Dim newUser As User
    Set newUser = newIOS.AddEx("User")
    Debug.Print newUser.Kind
    newUser.title = "enter user name here"

joepeters :us: (BOB member since 2002-08-29)

thank you,

I’m just finding a solution with vbs

Gus (BOB member since 2017-06-26)