SAP BI 4.0 Mobile

Hi All,

I can not see any Business Objects Mobile server in my Installation of BOBI 4.0 SP6, also nothing under Program Files --> Business Objects Platform, as mentioned in few posts.

Do I need a separate web application server (Tomcat) for configuring Business Objects Mobile and is there a separate installation of BO Mobile, as what i can see that only moving some files to Tomcat directory and starring tomcat is required for the configuration. I want to confirm that what all is required to Install BO Mobile into my environment.

Next point, what all steps we need to make BO environment accessible through our Android or Blackberry mobile. I mean all setup required on our Intranet (nned to make what all request to our network teams) and also on our mobile devices.

Do we also need to install some application on our mobile devices or we can directly access SAP BI URL if Intranet is configured on our mobile already.

However I have already checked for the documents available on SAP website but need any document which someone has Implemented through.

Saurabh Gupta

saurabhg :india: (BOB member since 2007-04-02)