Same DF runs in 10 secs for others but 5 mins for me. Why?

I’m a few days in with SAP support and it’s not getting me anywhere. So let me try to pre-emptively answer questions.

The DF was deleted and we all did a get latest to be sure
We all hit the same source database; same DF pls note.
The orig DF read 150k rows and completes in 15 secs for others
The orig DF if the target is emptied prob does the same in maybe 30 secs
The orig DF did have a TC, map and key gen. Works great for everyone but me.
It used to work for me too but at some point, started malfunctioning in terms of speed.
We have 1 job server and we all are using that.
No DOP was set for the job.
DOP at a system level is not set or it would affect other users where it works fast too
Finally removed TC and Map and Keygen and dumped directly from Query to Template
Meaning, no key gen or map operation. Or table comparison.

Prob is not with that, it is having an excessive rowcount for ONE of those entries TC join/cache/split whatever
No one else has that specific entry in their monitor log.

I cannot find any decent help on understanding what tables are being accessed behind Join1 or Join10 or whatever. Or I would be able to solve it.

What is causing me to have a different time run given the above?

This was reduced to a very basic DF too. Same thing. Ran the full orig DF very fast for others. Ran the reduced to debug DF fast for others. Slow for me.

Please read the above points before you answer. Any inputs or ideas would be appreciated. And some information on how two make sense of what DS says in it’s somewhat cryptic join/cache/split output.

Try changing local Repo.
I mean. Ask a colleague to let you connect to his repo from your machine and check behaviour. If things go the way I suppose, your local repo might be called guilty.
If this is the case, do the following:

  • make an ATL file with all the stuff you want to save;
  • with Repository Manager, reset your local repository;
  • reconnect it from CMC;
  • connect to your newly created local repo and reload the ATL file;
  • run your DF and let us know;

My 2 cents