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RESTful Web Service Time Out Configuration

Does anyone know where we can configure the time out setting for the RESTful Web Service now that it is hosted on Tomcat? When viewing the Tomcat Web Application Manager, it appears that the default is 30 minutes. We need to increase this but I have been unable to find where this is configured. We have the time out for BOE increased but the RESTful Web Service (biprws) appears to be a separate configuration.

Last I knew it was a setting on the WACS server in the CMS. SAP desperately needs to simplify their time out configurations! Too many settings in too many places!!!

I’m not sure that it is on the WACS server, even though that is where you have to configure https for the RESTful web service. :rage:
The only time out setting that I see on the WACS server for the RESTful Web Service is the Enterprise Session Token Timeout (minutes): which is set to 60 minutes but Tomcat Web Application Manager is showing a 30 minute time out for the biprws application. I don’t think that time out setting has any impact.

I had a solution suggested on this SAP Community post, How Can I Adjust the time out for the RESTful Web Service in BI4.3.
I added the following to tomcat\webapps\biprws\WEB-INF\web.xml


This change in the timeout setting was visible when looking at the Tomcat Manager application.


I do have to add that one of our environments didn’t like this configuration. I haven’t figured out why yet and will not be moving this configuration to out Production environment until I get this resolved. I recommend you test before doing anything rash. As with all things related to Business Objects. :grimacing: