REST datastore for Google My Business API oAuth 2.0


I’m having troubles setting up REST datastore for Google My Business API with OAuth 2.0.

If you have been successful in setting up DataServices for using Google My Business API with oAuth 2.0, please share a screenshot of the datastore set up.

Thank you!

I have tried to work with REST datastore with DS, it is NOT as easy as I anticipated.

Do you have a WADL file ?

I think you have already read this one but just for reference:

Hi. Thank you for the reply.
Yes, I have the WADL created and it’s not the issue here.
I have few successful implementations of DS using REST web services, but all of them are with “Authorization Header” or Basic authorization.
My issues are with the OAuth 2.0 authorization used by Google My Business API and I’m looking for the datastore setup for this type of authorization.

OK I understand.

I have never tested to create a REST datastore that is using this kind of authentication. I assume that it can be tricky because of the OAuth workflow ! I hope somebody can help you on this quickly,