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REST API : ivslogontoken vs X-SAP-LogonToken


I have an ivslogontoken that I can use this way :

But If I want to use the REST API (http://localhost:6405/biprws/raylight/v1) I need to use the following header :
X-SAP-LogonToken : localhost:6400@{3&2=5595,U3&p=40674.9596541551,Y7&4F=12,U3&63=secEnterprise,0P&66=60,03&68=secEnterprise:Administrator,0P&qe=100,U3&vz=SFY6agrLPxpfQBK1ZKYCwoBZKCbfsQm7VgWZFiH.RhM,UP}

I know I can get this X-SAP-LogonToken by using this API call : /biprws/logon/long

but my question is : is there a way to use the ivslogontoken inside the X-SAP-LogonToken without having to login again via the API ?

thanks for the help

guigui42 (BOB member since 2014-06-12)