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Reschedule failed schedule using jar

I want to retrigger all the failed schedules using a java jar file on cms. just for testing i wrote this below program which i suppose would retrigger a certain schedule (which is success already) >Please help me find where did i go wrong since it shows success when i run this program on cms but the schedule doesn’t get triggered

public class Schedule_CRNA implements IProgramBase {

public void run(IEnterpriseSession enterprisesession,IInfoStore infostore,String str[]) throws SDKException {
	   //System.out.println("Connected to " + enterprisesession.getCMSName() + "CMS");
	   //System.out.println("Using the credentials of " + enterprisesession.getUserInfo().getUserName() );
	IInfoObjects oInfoObjects = infostore.query("SELECT * from CI_INFOOBJECTS WHERE  si_instance=1 and si_schedule_status=1 and SI_ID=9411899");
	 for(int x =0;x < oInfoObjects.size();x++)
        IInfoObject oI = (IInfoObject)oInfoObjects.get(x); 
        IInfoObjects oScheds = infostore.query("select * from ci_infoobjects,ci_appobjects where si_id = " + oI.getID());
        IInfoObject oSched = (IInfoObject) oScheds.get(0);

        Integer iOwner = (Integer)"SI_OWNERID").getValue();


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