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Require Sample JavaSDK Prog in Webi4.2 SP5 to change Prompts

Hello All,
Can I get a sample java SDK program to change Webi publication prompts in 4.2 SP5 version?
I am not so good in Java.
Help in this will be highly appreciated.

Thank you so much in advance!!!

M0070024 (BOB member since 2018-10-23)

Hello All,
I already had a program to change webi publication prompts on Webi 4.1.
But It stopped working after upgrade to 4.2
But Later have resolved the errors by updating required security libraries/jars.

Thank you!

M0070024 (BOB member since 2018-10-23)


can you share with me your code sdk 4.1 i have an error when i try to opan the a document